Watch The Throne: Jay-Z & Kanye West – The O2 Arena, London 21/05/12 – and my links round-up

The Net is a gigantic and bizarre place. Addictive, yes, but nevertheless filled with lots of people writing (and doing) silly stuff. From the furthermost, untouched, nether regions of the Internet I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your head in disbelief. Here’s our list:

To begin, we start with what everyone has been talking about this week about Foo Fighters. said this: “Foo Fighters had quite the wild Saturday: They headlined The Bamboozle in Asbury Park, New Jersey NJ just hours before backing Mick Jagger on Saturday Night Live

Rihanna has also been discussed pretty extensively recently, and that is hardly surprising considering recent events. Here are some of the sites with interesting tales to tell.
– Fact or Fiction? Hollywood biopic rumours with Harry Styles, Zooey Deschanel and Rihanna – “Once again, false … 2) Taylor Swift stars in a movie about Joni Mitchell? The rumours are true!” – said
– [Video] Rihanna Performs ‘Where Have You Been’ On American Idol from

Now London is just everywhere at the moment, and we are fairly certain you’d like to learn the details.

Watch The Throne: Jay-Z & Kanye West – The O2 Arena, London 21/05/12 – “I’m not sure how they expect dedicating ‘No Church In The Wild’ “to London for the riots” to go down, but lines like “coke on her black skin made a stripe like a zebra” certainly don’t have many pondering the lack of inner city social mobility or the death of Mark Duggan” – said

Why don’t you read this link for the inside information about it – Bleached – Live At Birthdays, London –
– Kanye Rants At Last ‘Watch the Throne’ Concert in London –

And let’s end this week’s round-up speaking about Kanye West.
– Kanye West & Beyonce Lead The 2012 BET Award Nominations – “And it’s no surprise that the usual suspects like Kanye West and Beyonce are leading the pack this year … ” – said
– Kanye West Debuts ‘Cruel Summer’ Short Film at Cannes Film Festival –
Big Sean Joins Kanye West In Cannes For ‘Cruel Summer’ Premiere –

Make sure you check in soon for more info. If you didn’t see it here, it probably never happened!


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