Lady Gaga continues performance after concussion – and even more!

The Net is a massive and bizarre place. Addictive, yes, but still filled with lots of people writing (and doing) ridiculous stuff. From the furthermost, untouched, nether regions of the Internet I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, chuckle, or scratch your bonce in disbelief. Here’s our list:

One of the most significant news items this week is Radiohead. “In the car que leading into the 2012 Bonnaroo Music Festival and all through the first two days, it became immediately apparent through t-shirts, flags and excited chatter that the band the majority of the crowd had come to see was the always stunning Radiohead” said

Another hot topic that has been subject to a lot of debate is London. “The “Wide Awake” singer surprised fans by attending her film’s screening event in London and also served up one of our favorite things to have for dinner — MOVIE THEATER POPCORN!” said in Star Spotting: Katy Perry Surprises Fans In London, Generously Serves Them Popcorn . You should look at this too and tell us what you think: Katy Perry surprises fans at London movie screening from

Lots of posts about Twitter. It has been trending a lot recently.
– Azealia Banks Deletes Twitter Account, Disses ‘Rap Game’ – “Azealia Banks has evidently had her fill of Twitter and the hip-hop scene” – said
– Azelia Banks Doesn’t Want To Be A Rapper Any More, Deletes Twitter Account –

I’m sure you have an opinion on Concussion – who doesn’t, right now?
Lady Gaga continues performance after concussion – “Just last week, Justin Bieber suffered a concussion after running into a glass wall during a concert in Paris … This weekend, a danceraccidentallyhit Lady Gaga on the head with pole during “Judas” in Auckland Region New Zealand on Sunday” – said
– Video: Lady Gaga Suffers Concussion After Being Hit In Head With Pole During Concert – Check out what these bloggers have to say, and be ready for sparks!

That’s all for now, but make sure you stay tuned to this website for the next summary. You really don’t want to miss it!


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