Frank Ocean’s ‘channel Orange’ Changes Release Date to Tonight! Surprised? – plus much more!

We are going to be covering juicy info on what has been on everyone’s lips this week about Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. If you haven’t been talking about it you have probably been hearing about it, so here goes:

One of the major news items this week is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. “Miss Info:Frank Ocean taped a performance for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which will air this evening, along with a “big surprise” from Ocean and Fallon apparently, the news is that channel Orange will be available on iTunes, right after the show, at 12:30am Tuesday, July 10th a full week before the album’s original release date.Now Frank Ocean fans have been looking forward to the Odd Future crooner’schannel Orange debut long before and unrelated to the touching open letter he released last week about falling in love with a male friend” said It’s also been creating a great deal of buzz on the rest of the net lately. See Frank Ocean to Release ‘Channel Orange’ Tonight from and Frank Ocean Performs “Bad Religion” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Video) from

London has been discussed pretty widely recently, and that is hardly surprising given recent events. Here are some of the sites with spicy tales to tell.
– Nicki Minaj & Rihanna Perform At Barclaycard Wireless Festival In London – “The next day, despite feeling sick, Nicki took the stage in front of 65 thousand people at the Barclaycard Wireless Festival in London … ” – said
– Rihanna, London Stage Return: Singer Rocks Wireless Festival Days After Grandmother’s Funeral from
– At The Drive-In confirm London show from

Moving on, you most likely won’t be amazed to find that I’ve been sifting through pieces on Jay-Z, bringing you the finest and tastiest links.
– Rick Ross ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Album Tracklist: Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre Featured – “The Maybach Music Group boss revealed the tracklist for the effort today (July 9), boasting the likes of Jay-Z, Andre 3000 and Dr. Dre” – said
– Rick Ross Taps Jay-Z, Andr 3000, Drake, Dr. Dre for ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ –

Have a look at what these blog writers have to say, and be ready for sparks to fly!

Be sure to check back next week for more links. If you didn’t hear it here, it in all probability never happened!


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