No Destination: How K-Pop Made Me Love Lady Gaga – plus more!

The Internet is a huge and strange place. Addicting, yes, but nevertheless filled with lots of people writing (and doing) outrageous stuff. From the furthermost, unexplored, nether regions of the Net I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your head in shock. Here’s the list:

To begin, we begin with what everyone has been talking about this week about Kanye West. said this: “Clearly, he wasn’t the only one who was impressed. She performed there and has gone on to collaborate with hip-hop heavyweights like Kanye West and Jay-Z” This and more can be found in these links: Kanye West Debuts New Music at NYC Nightclub from and Kim Kardashian Honored to be Kanye’s ‘Perfect B-tch’ from

Another hot topic that has been subject to a lot of discussion is Aaliyah. “Folks continue to play with Aaliyah’s legacy Over the past few weeks there has been talks of an Aaliyah posthumous album (executive produced by Drake and his producing partner Noah ’40 Shebib) as well as talks of a biopic which has been going on for years” said . You might want to look at this too and tell us what you think: Is Aaliyah’s Family Really Opposed to Her Posthumous Album? Not So Fast #Exclusive from

Now Lady Gaga is just everywhere at the moment, and we are fairly certain you’d like to learn the details. No Destination: How K-Pop Made Me Love Lady Gaga – “But it’s a lot more difficult to malign the careers of the Lady Gagas and Beyonces of the United States charts, with their outlandish personal styles and songs admonishing listeners to love themselves, now that I’ve seen how a media landscape full of de-individualized Lolicons can shape young minds” – said Why don’t you check out this link for the inside info on it – Eminem, Lady Gaga Collaboration? Shady’s Manager Denies Rumors –

Take a look at what these blog writers have to say, and be prepared for sparks to fly!

There it is folks. Funny place, the web is. Make sure to watch out for more links coming soon.


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