London Olympics Closing Ceremony: The Who, Spice Girls & More Rock the World – and much more!

The Internet is a gigantic and strange place. Addicting, yes, but nevertheless filled with lots of people writing (and doing) outrageous stuff. From the furthermost, untouched, nether regions of the Web I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your head in disbelief. Here’s the list:

To kick off, we begin with what has been on everyone’s minds and lips this week about Spice Girls. said this: “The Spice Girls staged a show-stopping reunion, and Monty Python’s Eric Idle sauntered through “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” – accompanied by Roman centurions, Scottish bagpipers and a human cannonball … Festive and fast-moving, the ceremony opened with pop bands Madness, Pet Shop Boys and One Direction, a shout-out to Winston Churchill and a tribute to the Union Jack – the floor o f Olympic Stadium floor arranged to resemble the British flag

A whole lot has been said about London as well and you’ll want to dive in to find exactly what went down and why everybody was talking about it.
– “So when it came to the final night of BT London Live – a concert series spread across the length of the Olympics – hopes were, inexplicably, raised high” said
– Adele Rumoured To Be Performing At 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony from

Now Europe is just everywhere at the moment, and we are pretty sure you want to know the details. Frank Ocean Cancels European Shows – “live Posted by Robin Murray Mon, 13/08/2012 Click To View the Fullsize Image/s Frank Ocean has cancelled a number of European tour dates, including his set at Bestival” – said Why don’t you read this link for all the inside information about it – Frank Ocean drops out of Bestival, cancels European shows –

And finally, we also have Jaz Coleman which has appeared a lot in the popular media for some time now.
– Jaz Coleman Found Alive And Well – “Music Posted by Robin Murray Mon, 13/08/2012 Click To View the Fullsize Image/s Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman has been found alive and well living in the Sahara … ‘Looks like this has caused a right ding dong and feel its impossible to continue this tour under the circumstances’” – said Check out these links to read more – Jaz Coleman Resurfaces In The Western Sahara Desert –

Make sure you check back soon for more as it happens. If you didn’t read it here, it in all probability never happened!


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