Fiona Apple advised to ‘Shut Up and Sing’ by Texas Sheriff – and more!

We are going to be covering juicy info on what has been on everyone’s lips recently about James Blake, Nicki Minaj, Billie Joe Armstrong and Fiona Apple. If you haven’t been talking about it you have undoubtedly been hearing about it, so here goes:

First up on this occasion, it’s James Blake. Oh, yes, I thought you’d find that intriguing! Let’s take a short look at what’s caught my eye this week. See:
– James Blake December Tour Dates from
– Trimbal (James Blake & Trim) – “Confidence Boost” Video from

Nicki Minaj has also been talked about pretty extensively recently, and that is hardly surprising given recent events. Here are some of the sites with interesting links for us.
– Blast From The Past: Nicki Minaj’s Unreleased “Letter to Lil Wayne” – “Young Money’s first lady, Nicki Minaj, has been Lil Wayne’s secret female weapon ever since he took her under his wing, but an unreleased Nicki track (that was leaked over the weekend) proves their relationship wasn’t always peaches and cream … ” – said
– Video: Nicki Minaj Talks ‘American Idol,’ New Fragrance, More On ‘The View’ from

Moving on, you almost certainly won’t be surprised to find that I have been sifting through pieces on Green Day, bringing you the freshest and tastiest links.
– Album Review: Green Day – Uno! – “On Uno!, the first entry inGreen Day’s proposed trilogy of albums, the Bay Area outfit circles back to their younger ideology of simply having fun with an attitude” – said
– Green Day Source States Frontman Was “A Loose Cannon For A Long Time” –

I’m certain you have an opinion on Fiona Apple – who doesn’t, right?
– Fiona Apple advised to ‘Shut Up and Sing’ by Texas Sheriff – “Fiona Apple advised to ‘Shut Up and Sing’ by Texas Sheriff Written by Marc Zanotti on 25th September, 2012 Fiona Apple recently made headlines after being arrested for possession of weed and hash while touring in Texas, and then proceeded to make waves with her onstage comments about the ordeal … ” – said
– Fiona Apple, Hudspeth County, Texas Sheriff’s Department exchange bizarre war of words –
– Fiona Apple, Sheriff Spat: She Should ‘Shut Up and Sing,’ Rusty Fleming Says – Check out what these blog writers have to say, and be ready for sparks to fly!

That’s all for this week, but you should definitely stay tuned to this channel for the next summary. Don’t miss it


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