Against Me! Singer Laura Jane Grace Accidentally Shatters Teeth Onstage – and my links summary

The Internet is a gigantic and strange place. Addictive, yes, but still filled with lots of people writing (and doing) insane stuff. From the furthermost, unexplored, nether regions of the Net I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your bonce in disbelief. Here’s our list:

One of the most important news items this week is Keyshia Cole. “Keyshia Cole has had enough … Sadly her significant other faces a tragic ending in the video for “Trust (Keyshia Cole and Monica song) and Believe,” the current single off Cole’s Woman to Woman album” said

Soul Train Music Awards has been talked about pretty extensively recently, which is hardly surprising considering recent events. Here are some of the blogs with interesting links for us.
– Bitchie Or Not? Lil Mama Graces The Red Carpet At The Soul Train Music Awards – “Last night, Lil Mama brought elegance to the red carpet as she attended the 2012 Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas … ” – said

Moving on, you in all probability won’t be surprised to find that I have been sifting through pieces on Rihanna, bringing you the freshest and tastiest links.
– [Video] Chris Brown (American entertainer) Chats About Honesty & Being Able To Love Rihanna & Karrueche At The Same Time – “Although he is normally shy about speaking about his relationship with both Rihanna and Karrueche, he opened up about his ongoing love dilemma yesterday morning during a visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood” – said
– Video: Chris Brown Talks Relationship With Rihanna, Premieres New Single, “Nobody’s Perfect” –
– Video: Rihanna – “Diamonds” –

And lastly, there is also Against Me! that has been featured a lot in the mainstream press for a while now.
– Against Me! Singer Laura Jane Grace Accidentally Shatters Teeth Onstage – “Singer Laura Jane Grace Accidentally Shatters Teeth Onstage Written by Marc Zanotti on 10th November, 2012 Against Me! vocalist Laura Jane Grace had a couple of her teeth shattered when a microphone was accidentally kicked into her mouth during a recent gig at the Soapbox in Wilmington, North Carolina” – said Take a look at these links to read more – Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Gets Teeth Smashed in Onstage Fracas –
– Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace gets teeth shattered by fan –

That’s all for now, but you should definitely stay tuned to this site for the next summary. You really don’t want to miss it!


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