Rihanna Goes HAM After Fan Compares Her To Whitney Houston – and others!

Yup, it’s that time again – thank you for visiting another packed round-up of links on Rihanna, Mike Posner, Quentin Tarantino, Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo and Gloria Allred to make you gasp, groan, giggle, and cry. Some might even do all those things at the same time!

First up on this occasion, it’s Rihanna. Oh, yes, I thought you’d find that intriguing! Let us take a short look at what’s caught my eye this week. See:
– Rihanna Goes HAM After Fan Compares Her To Whitney Houston from necolebitchie.com
– Police called to Rihanna’s house in Barbados after trespasser sighted from blog.muchmusic.com

A lot has been said about Mike Posner too and you’ll want to dive in to find exactly what went down and why everyone was discussing it.
– “Mike Posner is going home for the holidays” said www.rap-up.com.

Lots of posts about Frank Ocean. It’s been trending a whole lot recently.
– New Music: Frank Ocean “Wiseman” – “Christmas comes early for Frank Ocean fans” – said www.missinfo.tv
– Listen to Frank Ocean’s new song, “Wiseman” – consequenceofsound.net

Last but not least, we also have Ne-Yo which has appeared a lot in the mainstream press for quite a while now.
– Cold World: Ne-Yo Sued By Former Baby Mama (film) – “Ne-Yo is dealing with some major baby mama drama, and it’s not from his current girl Monyetta who is raising his two kids … She has also solicited the services of high power attorney Gloria Allred who is no stranger to making celebs and athletes cough off major dough to their side pieces, ex-wives and baby’s mothers” – said necolebitchie.com Check out these links for more – Ne-Yo, Baby Mama Problems: Singer Threatened With Legal Action Over Comments He Made in Interview – www.theboombox.com

There you have it folks. Funny place, the web is. Be sure to look for more links sometime soon.


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