Video: Pusha T f/ Rick Ross – ‘Millions’ [Trailer] – and my links round-up

We are going to be covering juicy info on what has been on everyone’s lips recently about Blake Shelton, Justin Timberlake, Rick Ross and Pusha T. If you haven’t been talking about it you have certainly been hearing about it, so here it is:

First up this time around, it’s Blake Shelton. Oh, yes, I figured you’d find that intriguing! Let’s take a quick look at what’s caught my eye this week. See:
– Blake Shelton Opens Mouth & Inserts Foot Again from
– Blake Shelton, Ray Price (musician) Debate Over ‘Old Fart’ Country Music from

Another hot topic that has been subject to a lot of controversy is Video. “Conor Maynard is known for his upbeat club bangers like Can’t Say No and Vegas Girl, which he pairs with light-hearted and fun music videos” said in Conor Maynard gets fierce in video for Animal . You should check this out too and tell us what you think: King Krule – “Octopus” Video from

Posts abound about Justin Timberlake. It has been trending a great deal recently.
– Watch Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” lyric video – “While lyric videos are usually as exciting as studying 18th century Bavarian tax code, Justin Timberlake dresses up the concept in this clip for his comeback single, “Suit & Tie”” – said
– Justin Timberlake Announces Album Release Date –

And why don’t we end this week’s summary speaking about Pusha T.
– Video: Pusha T f/ Rick Ross – ‘Millions’ [Trailer] – “The streets are calling and Pusha T delivers with “Millions,” his ode to dope boys and stash spots … Music MC invites us into the ‘hood in the gritty trailer co-starring Rick Ross” – said
– Pusha T x Rick Ross “Millions”: Video Preview and Stash Spot Inspirations #Exclusive –

That’s all for now, but you should definitely stay tuned to this channel for the next round-up. Don’t miss it


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