Frank Ocean Wants To Press Charges Against Chris Brown, Says L.A. Sheriff – and a lot more!

The World Wide Web is a massive and bizarre place. Addicting, yes, but still filled with lots of people writing (and doing) ridiculous stuff. From the farthest, untouched, nether regions of the Web I bring you another links round-up that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your bonce in disbelief. Here’s the list:

First up this time around, it’s Frank Ocean. Oh, yes, I figured you’d find that intriguing! Let’s take a quick look at what’s caught my eye in the week. See:
– Frank Ocean Wants To Press Charges Against Chris Brown, Says L.A. Sheriff from
– Chris Brown, Frank Ocean Fight: Ocean Says He Was ‘Jumped’ By Brown At Record Studio from
– Chris Brown and Frank Ocean get in parking lot brawl from

Kendrick Lamar has also been discussed pretty widely recently, which is hardly surprising considering recent events. Here are some of the blogs with spicy tales to tell.
– Watch Kendrick Lamar On SNL & “YOLO” Digital Short – “Here’s yet another indication, if we really needed one, that Kendrick Lamar is a freshly minted star: This weekend, he made his debut as Saturday Night Live’s musical guest, managing to shine on a difficult stage” – said

Now Surfer Blood is just everywhere at the moment, and we are pretty sure you’d like to learn the details. New Song: Surfer Blood ‘Weird Shapes’ – “Surfer Blood show off a wealth of influence on their new song “Weird Shapes.”” – said Why don’t you check out this link for the inside information about it – Surfer Blood announce new album Pythons, stream first single “Weird Shapes” –
– Surfer Blood – “Weird Shapes” –

There you have it folks. Crazy place, the Internet is. Be sure to look for more links sometime soon.


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