Diary of a SXSW Newbie: Austin Music Festival Day One, ‘Welcome to the Apocalypse Zone’ – and more!

We are going to be covering juicy info on what has been on everyone’s lips recently about Toby Keith, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. If you haven’t been talking about it you have probably been hearing about it, so here goes:

One of the biggest news items this week is Austin. “Follow along daily as Spinner Editor Sarah takes on SXSW for the very first time … ” said www.spinner.com.

A lot has been said about Toby Keith as well and you may want to dive in to find exactly what happened and why everyone was discussing it.
– “Toby Keith has often said that awards for his songwriting mean the most. The country superstar received more of those honors this week when he was recognized by performance rights organization Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) for several of his songs reaching more than 15 million airplays, including “How Do You Like Me Now,” “Beer for My Horses,” “She Never Cried in Front of Me,” “God Love Her,” “I Love This Bar” and “Who’s Your Daddy.”” said www.theboot.com.

Moving on, you probably won’t be amazed to find that I’ve been sifting through posts on Nicki Minaj, bringing you the freshest and tastiest links.
– Nicki Minaj Interviews Herself for ELLE Magazine – “Nicki Minaj wears many hats-rapper, singer, fashion designer, and judge on “American Idol,” but now she’s taking on a new role” – said www.rap-up.com
– Photos: Nicki Minaj Shoots Video For “High School” With Lil Wayne – neonlimelight.com

There it is folks. Funny place, the web is. Be sure to look out for more links coming soon.


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