The Band Perry, ‘Pioneer’ Blazes New Trail for Close-Knit Trio – and more!

Yes, it’s that time again – thanks for visiting another packed round-up of links on Blake Shelton, Kacey Musgraves and Jesus to make you gasp, groan, laugh, and cry. Some may even do all those things simultaneously!

First up on this occasion, it’s Blake Shelton. Oh, yes, I thought you’d find that interesting! Let us take a quick look at what’s caught my eye in the week. See:
– Blake Shelton Talks ‘Phenomenal’ Music From Country Newbies from

The Band Perry has been discussed pretty extensively recently, and that is hardly surprising considering recent events. Here are some of the blogs with spicy tales to tell.
– The Band Perry, ‘Pioneer’ Blazes New Trail for Close-Knit Trio – “The Band Perry is many things … at the end we do this bluegrass breakdown, and so our mother, who was the country music fan, that’s our tip of the hat to her” – said
– The Band Perry New Video for Done from

Now Easter is just hot like the Sahara sun, and we are pretty sure you want to know the details. Pope Francis makes an Easter plea for peace – “VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis delivered a plea for peace in his first Easter Sunday message to the world, decrying the seemingly endless conflicts in the Middle East and on the Korean peninsula after celebrating Mass along with more than 250,000 faithful” – said

That’s all for now, but you should definitely stay tuned to this website for the next round-up. You really don’t want to miss it!


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