Cause of Texas fertilizer plant fire may never be known – plus more!

The Web is a massive and strange place. Addicting, yes, but still filled with lots of people writing (and doing) crazy stuff. From the furthermost, unexplored, nether regions of the Net I bring you another links summary that I’m sure will make you wonder, laugh, or scratch your head in disbelief. Here’s our list:

One of the most important news items this week is Downton Abbey. “Diddy “joins” the cast of “Downton Abbey” for Funny Or Die … ” said It’s also been creating a great deal of buzz on the rest of the interwebz recently. See Watch Diddy on Downton Abbey from and P Diddy joins cast of ‘Downton Abbey’ sort of from

The Lonely Island has been discussed pretty widely recently, which is hardly surprising considering recent events. Here are some of the sites with interesting tales to tell.
– Lonely Island Release Spring Break/Gay Marriage Video With Ed Norton, James Franco – “The Lonely Island released a video today for their new single “Spring Break Anthem,” a video that mixes spring break hijinx with same-sex marriage and wedding planning … According to the band’s site, the album will feature Justin Timberlake,Lady Gaga, Adam Levine, Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong,T-Pain, Solange and Pharrell Williams. Each Wednesday leading up to the release the group is releasing either a song or a video for a song off the new record” – said

Moving on, you probably won’t be amazed to find that I’ve been sifting through pieces on West, Texas, bringing you the freshest and tastiest links.
– Cause of Texas fertilizer plant fire may never be known – “A malfunctioning golf cart, a faulty electrical system or even arson could have led to the fire that triggered the deadly explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, but federal and state officials said Thursday that their $1-million investigation had yet to find the cause” – said
– Willie Nelson Raises More Than $120K for West, Texas Explosion Relief –

And lastly, we also have Adult Swim that has caused stirs in the popular press for quite a while now.
Kanye West Performs New Material, Rants About Paparazzi at Adult Swim Upfront Party – “Ahead of his performance on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” season finale, Kanye West took the stage at the Adult Swim Upfront Party at Roseland Ballroom in New York City on Wednesday” – said Check out these links for more – Kanye West Sang Old-School Hits And Brand-New Tracks At Last Night’s Adult Swim Upfront (PHOTO) –
– Watch Kanye West Rant At Adult Swim Upfront –

That’s all folks. Funny place, the Internet is. Make sure to look out for more links in the future.


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