Keith Urban Lets His Songs Take Charge of New Album – plus more!

We are going to be covering juicy information on what has been on everyone’s lips this week about Trent Reznor, Keith Urban and Vince Gill. If you haven’t been talking about it you have definitely been hearing about it, so here we go:

One of the most important news items this week is Memorial Day. “President Obama hailed the nation’s fallen service members in a Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, in which he noted that the war in Afghanistan was winding down but not over … ” said

Another hot topic that has been subject to a lot of debate is London. “Today comes in the form of album-closer “Help Me Lose Mind Mind,” a collaboration with UK trio London Grammar. Find it here, at the 30:00 mark of Zane Lowe’s show from earlier today” said .

Posts abound about Nine Inch Nails. It’s been trending a great deal recently.
– Trent Reznor Promises “Fucking Great” New Nine Inch Nails Album Coming This Year – “These past few months he’s made it official: Trent’s already said the band will be rebuilt from scratch for a tour through 2014, and today’s news gives that tour some promotional purpose: Nine Inch Nails will release “their” eighth album on Columbia Records later this year” – said
– Nine Inch Nails finish new album, set for release later this year –
– Nine Inch Nails sign to Columbia, releasing new LP this year –

Last of all, there is also Keith Urban that has appeared a lot in the popular press for some time now.
– Keith Urban Lets His Songs Take Charge of New Album – “Keith Urban Lets His Songs Take Charge of New Album May 28, 2013 by Country Girl Leave a Comment Keith Urban fans have been waiting three years for a new album and the time is almost here! … Keithhas celebrated two musical milestones in the past month, performing with The Rolling Stones and at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Benefit with John Mayer and Vince Gill (on separate nights)” – said

That’s all for now, but you should definitely stay tuned to this website for the next round-up. Don’t miss it


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